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A frozen furnace creates a chilling experience. Before you resort to space heaters, depend on AC Comfort Systems, Inc. for furnace repair. We repair all makes, models, and sizes of furnaces in Jacksonville, FL. You shouldn’t have to endure frigid temperatures at your home or business this winter. Don’t suffer in a cold place when we can keep you warm.

Easy & Affordable Furnace Repair

Repairing a Furnace in Jacksonville, FLPack up the space heaters and electric blankets. We have a much better solution. By providing affordable furnace repair, we ensure that you stay warm all winter long. From residential to commercial furnaces in Jacksonville, FL, we repair all makes and models. Best of all, we make it easy for you. Simply schedule a visit, and we’ll provide a free and fair quote.

How Heat Pumps Work

It may seem odd, but heat pumps actually heat and cools your home or business. They are efficient devices that remove heat from your home in the summer and add heat to the living area in the winter. If your pump isn’t working properly, you’ll notice the difference immediately. You probably need heat pump repair if you notice any the following:

  • Humming Noise, but Does Not Run
  • Outdoor or Indoor Fan Does Not Start
  • Too Hot or Cold in Your Home or Business
  • System Is Experiencing Flooding
  • Fan Stays off When the Heat Activates
  • Not Working Properly or at All

Signs You Need Furnace Replacement

Even though a furnace is usually very reliable, it eventually needs to be replaced. The furnace replacement technicians at our HVAC company can help you choose an energy-efficient system that is perfect for your living area, your needs, and your budget. Some of the signs that indicate you need a furnace replacement include:

  • Utility Bills Have Increased
  • Furnace Requires Frequent Repairs
  • Repairs Have Become More Expensive
  • Furnace Is More than 15 Years Old
  • Living Area Is Too Hot or Too Cold
  • Furnace Makes Unusual Noises
  • Carbon Monoxide Is Detected
  • Home or Business Area Is Dry or Dusty

Heat Pump Repair Specialists

Let our experienced and licensed technicians provide fast, affordable, and comprehensive heat pump repair services. Our primary purpose is to ensure your optimal indoor comfort and your complete satisfaction with our services. From minor and major repairs to complete replacement, we do it all!

Contact us for help determining the best furnace for your home and budget. We proudly serve residential and commercial customers in Jacksonville, Orange Park, Fleming Island, Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra, and the greater areas.



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